1How can I start investing with AZ Investment?
AZ Investment is a company that specializing in online trading and investment across global financial markets rewarding investment opportunities to all of our investors. We trade in Stocks, Forex, Bonds, Gold, Hedge Funds and Private equities.
2I have trouble during registering. What shall I do if I have trouble during registering.?
You should check the right of the entered information. You may contact our support team at azinvestmentnet@yandex.com if you need our assistant. We are always here for you.
3Is my money in good hands?
Yes for sure, our core values of Putting Clients First, Building Relationships, Achieving Quality Results and Working with Integrity define the way we do business.
4Is AZ Investment a registered company ?
Yes, AZ Investment Is a legally registered company. if you need further clarification please don't hesitate to contact us.
5Is AZ Investment available for public?
Yes, AZ Investment is open for public who are 18 and above that fulfill the legal age to partake in our program.
6How can I change my contact information or password?
Log into your AZ Investment account and click on the "Account" right side on top of the page. You can change your contact information and password there.
7What are the accepted payment forms or processors?
AZ Investment currently accepting deposits via Perfect Money, Payeer and Bitcoin. We will update everyone once we add additional payment options. For those who wish to invest via Bank Wire or Bank Deposit, please contact support for requirements and details.
8How much is the minimum amount that an investor can deposit?
The minimum deposit is just $10. There is actually no maximum limit for your total deposits. Each payment processor only has a maximum transaction limit and that should limit the amount you can deposit using our system when you make the transaction via specific payment processors.
9How much can I withdraw?
There is only a minimum amount you can withdraw, the minimum is $0.01 for a withdrawal to be submitted. We suggest that you consolidate all your requests for a specific payment processor in one go if you are expecting several profits for a specified day. This should save us precious time in processing requests while at the same time saving you fees, depending on which processor your requested funds are.
10Can I exchange funds?
If you mean depositing via a specific processor and withdrawing via a different processor. For example, you deposited via Perfect Money and you wish to withdraw via Payeer. We are sorry but this is currently not allowed in our system. You can only withdraw your profits to the processor where the source deposit is from. If you make multiple deposits using different processors, each deposit and its corresponding profits will only be available to the source deposit processor. Therefore, this will only enable you to withdraw each funds to each processor specifically.
11Is there any charges for making deposit and withdrawal?
We do not charge any fees to operate. We make money from the profits we make using your investments.
12How much is the referral commission?
As stated and shown graphically and textually over at the homepage, our referral commission is set to 5% for all direct referrals' deposits.
13Can I cancel a withdrawal request?
If your request has not yet been processed, you can cancel a specific withdrawal request from your Withdrawal page. You shall see a cancel button next to the pending withdrawal request and the funds should appear in your balance again after cancelling.
14Can I make multiple deposits?
It depends on what investment plan you want to invest. Some of the investment plans have no limit for deposit transactions/slots and some have limit of transaction/slot. You can check on the Investment Plans page.
15How long does it usually take for a withdrawal to be get processed?
All payments should be made and completed within just a 24 hours time frame. This means that your withdrawal could actually get processed from 1 minute up to 24 hours. All within this wall of time. Please understand this clearly.
16Can I refer colleagues, friends and family?
Yes you can do so for as long as it is not an obvious method to cheat for referral commissions. What do we mean? We only mean you cannot refer yourself. It is up to your conscience whether you want to cheat our system or not. But a friendly reminder, that our system is not dumb and so are we. Seriously.
17I want to promote but where can I find my referral link?
Login and then click on the Referral link button on the members navigation panel. You should see your referral link there and the banners you can use to promote your referral link.
18How do you pay referral commission?
Referral commission is added to your Balance Available for Withdrawal. Referral commission is paid via the same e-currency type as the one through which the deposit has been made.